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Fun for your Kids. Uninterrupted Work for You

Indie Kids - The coolest tech coloring pages of the Internet | Product Hunt 500 printable coloring pages with Indie Makers' favorite tech brands. Hours of coloring fun for your kids, so you can get some work done. Kids 👉 Color. Parents 👉 Ship.

Hey Indie Parents 👋

We know how Indie Maker life is a constant struggle between spending time with your kids 💘 and spending every free moment building your idea 🚀. This can be especially challenging when your kids have a long summer holiday, like ours at the moment:

" Mooooom, I'm bored "

" Daaaaad, Liv bit me "

" Mooooom, Can I watch TV? "

So for your Indie Kids 🐣

We created coloring pages with the logo's 40 popular Indie and Tech brands. This way you keep them entertained for hoooours, while you get some work done!

Share your love and passion for your favorite tech brands with your kids

Finally something different then farm animals or princesses

While your kids happily color you can have some precious work time

One hour of uninterrupted time is worth a lot

#indiekids at work

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