Hi Indie Parents 👋🤘


We are 2 beginning Indie Makers who met during the 100 Days of No Code Bootcamp. We decided to start with a fun side project before we tackle other bigger projects together. We both have kids that we love to pieces but we also know how challenging summer break can be to get some work done. We hope our fun side project can provide some in peace moments for Indie Parents and Indie Kids.

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✔ Mom of Vik (4 years old) and Liv (1,5 years old) ✔ Full-time No-Code Maker since June ✔ Constant battle between laundry, launching, sports, and spending time with my kids. ✔ Maker of Painkiller ✔ Writer of newsletter Gloednieuw.io tools newsletter (in Dutch)


✔ Girl dad of two (4 years old and 6 years old) ✔ Community Manager at 100 Days of No Code ✔ Juggling this summer between working at home, chores and playing games with the kids ✔ Creator of Accountabill

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